get unlimited advice from qualified mentors

whether you need advice for a week, a month, or more
there’s a whyzze plan for you

one week of unlimited advice
$ 15*
one month of unlimited advice
$ 55**
(that’s $13.75/week)
three months of unlimited advice
$ 129***
USD/three months
(that’s $10.83/week)

concerned that our advyzzors won’t be able to provide you with great advice? don’t worry – we can.
however, if you’re not satisfied with whyzze for any reason  just email us so we can help you resolve it
(it’s the whyzze thing to do)

how to choose a plan

you: I typically don’t ask for a lot of advice but I’d like a go-to mentor for my one-off (personal, professional, creative) questions and issues.

whyzze recommends: the “get whyzze” plan for one week of unlimited advice billed weekly.

you: I have questions that come up regularly and I want a mentor who can advise me about these ongoing (personal, professional, creative) issues.

whyzze recommends: the “get whyzzer” plan for one month of unlimited advice billed monthly.

you: I have several professional projects, personal dilemmas or creative challenges and want a reliable mentor resource  I can send frequent questions to.

whyzze recommends: the “get whyzzest” plan for three months of unlimited advice billed quarterly.

*    Billed on a recurring weekly basis
**  Billed on a recurring monthly basis
***Billed on a recurring quarterly basis