why whyzze

you may be asking yourself: “why an advice site?”

glad you asked! below are our answers.

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inquizzitives choose whyzze because...

  • life isn't cookie-cutter perfect and the 'general advice' you’ve been receiving isn’t helping to resolve your ‘specific problem’.
  • the saying ‘you don’t know what you don’t know' is true for a reason and the whyzze team can provide a book, article, link, resource, contact or solution that you may not even know exists.
  • you’re too embarrassed to ask a friend or family member about this particular issue.
  • your friends and family members (and mail delivery gal, and neighbor, and coworkers…) are done listening.
  • you don’t have anyone – or know the right person – to ask.
  • you want a different perspective on your issue.
  • finding the “right” therapist, resource or mentor can be challenging; it’s easier to go to one place and get a wealth of knowledge by a team of advyzzors.
  • there’s a lot of vague advice you could follow, but whyzze gives you advice based on your specific issue or question.
  • for the price of grabbing lunch once a week with an amazing mentor you can get one-on-one advice from educated, experienced, extremely helpful advyzzors.
  • whyzze is convenient and affordable.
  • the advice you receive and questions you ask are confidential.
  • you can remain anonymous, if you’d like, or feel free to divulge as much detail about yourself as you feel comfortable.

* please note: it isn’t mandatory to make your posts public however, the whyzze team will only be able to search and see public posts.