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provide wise advice for the who, what, when, where, how, should, and why’s of your life

common questions

  • How do I know if I’m in love?
  • Should I get a divorce?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Why do I not feel motivated?
  • What is a startup?
  • How do I find customers?
  • When should I quit my job?
  • How do I ask for a raise?
  • How do I self-publish?
  • Is my idea any good?
  • Why can’t I find an agent?
  • How do I grow my following?

You’re well aware of how common it is to need advice. But who do you ask?And what if the issue is confidential? Or what if you don’t know anyone suited to answer the question?


What you’re looking for is clear direction. You could post on a public forum and hope that you not only get an answer, but a credible one by a qualified person. You could search online and wade through hundreds of conflicting results that may or may not work for you. Or you could get unlimited personalized advice to your specific questions by an expert mentor.

uncommon answers

whyzze (pronounced ‘wise’ – no worries, it happens) was built specifically for Inquizzitives like you. We know you have goals and you’re striving for better – a better life, a better business, a better creative project. And with a little help you know (and we believe) you can get there.


Think of whyzze as your ultimate ship resource – whether it’s for your entrepreneurship, a relationship, or creative partnership. We do mentorship without the bullship. If you’ve ever wished there was one place you could go anytime you needed guidance or expert advice for your personal, professional or creative challenges, you’re in luck; now there’s whyzze.


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5 things you may not know

about advice and mentorship



The adage “take this advice with a grain of salt” comes from ancient times, when salt was rare and expensive, and also considered a form of medicine.

People would warn that some advice needed to be taken “cum grano salis”, which is Latin for “with a grain of salt”. Essentially saying: not all advice is good for you so take it with medicine.



Out of all the advice entrepreneurs receive, the most popular is:

“Just get started”

Arguably, it’s also one of the most highly debated pieces of advice as well, with some mentors believing you shouldn’t execute on an idea until you have a plan for getting it from concept to conclusion.



According to the harvard business review, each request for advice is unique, reflecting a distinctive combination of circumstances, personalities, and events.

So, they suggest that instead of trying to find the right advisor every time you have a question you should “put together a personal board in advance” made up of people valued “…not only for their judgment and their ability to keep confidences but also for their diverse strengths, experiences, and points of view.”  (*cough* whyzze)



People in powerful positions often ignore advice according to the study, ‘Power, Competitiveness, and Advice Taking: Why the Powerful Don’t Listen’.

Participants deemed “powerful” ignored almost two-thirds of the advice they received, while the control and “low-power” participants ignored advice about half as often. The study concluded that higher power people feel competitive when they receive advice which inflates their confidence causing them to discount or ignore it.



There are four different types of advice and mentorship people generally seek:

Direct Advice One-off recommendations for a
single decision
Should I quit my job?
Counseling Short term guidance on a
complex issue
How should I handle an
annoying coworker?
Coaching Ongoing assistance to enhance a skill How can I stop procrastinating?
Mentoring Continual aid and leadership What’s the best way(s) to be successful?

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