whyzze (pronounced ‘wise’ – no worries, we’re here to help),
is the perfect solution for Inquizzitives like you

Reach Your Goals

You have personal, professional and creative goals you haven’t reached…well, not yet anyway.

Personalized Mentorship

whyzze mentors provide answers, advice, resources and mentorship. No bullship.

Unlimited Advice

Don’t struggle with life, business, or creative decisions, let our experts show you the way.

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how it works


Choose a plan (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) and send us your questions.


Depending on the topic, a personal, professional or creative Advyzzor will review it.


You’ll receive advice, ongoing mentorship, or a resource designed to solve your issue.

what sorts of advice do you offer?

advice (noun): guidance or recommendations concerning prudent future action, typically given by someone regarded as knowledgeable or authoritative – Google Definitions

relationship advice

creative advice

personal advice

business advice

communication advice

goals advice

why whyzze?

  • because you don’t need a therapist (well, maybe you do, but not right now) just some advice.
  • because having a team of caring, educated, experienced people you can ask directly for personal, professional or creative advice is pretty awesome.
  • because while forum username “smart1” may have some solid points, he might also be a deranged drug dealer living in a basement – do you really want him advising you?
  • because wise advice isn't as easy to come by as we'd all like; and whyzze is helpful for those times when you need a quick answer to your question, or useful advice on the best decision for a tough issue, or even helpful advice to stop you from making a bad decision.
  • and speaking of wise advice: see that link down there? go ahead and click it...