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Why Do Companies Fail?

The top 5 reasons businesses fail: poor business planning, trouble becoming (or staying) profitable, leadership and management problems, ineffective marketing, and proof-of-value problems
Whyzzdom Membership gives you the wisdom to avoid or address each of these problems and more.

If You Struggle With…

Strategy & Leadership


Decision fatigue: You’re not sure “what to do next”


The daily grind: Being so stuck in your business you can’t move it forward


Profitability: Making real money vs having revenue or funding but still being broke


Poor Leadership: A lack of confidence, communication, or clarity as a leader

Culture & Team


Hiring: Basically, you’re terrible at it


Productivity: Everyone’s busy but there’s not a lot of real progress


Engagement: Boredom, discouragement, or poor performance (applies to solo founders too)


Bad Habits Abound: From timeliness to collaboration

Marketing & CX


Marketing: You’re not clear who your ideal customer is or how to attract them


Customer Experience: Your customers aren’t sure what value you offer them


Conversions: You struggle getting people to take action


Loyalty: Your customers never refer you and hardly engage with you

The “Whyzzdom” Membership May Be Perfect For You
Our invite-only method is to ensure each member is committed but also that you receive the education, support and accountability to build a profitable business you, your team, and your customers love

Whyzzdom Membership Details

We’ll show you step-by-step how to build an amazing business from the ground up. Membership includes “done-for-you” templates, checklists, and roadmaps; monthly Q&A sessions to get your unique problems solved; our signature accountability process to help you implement what you learn; introductions to successful entrepreneurs and the top resources they use to create 6-, 7-, and 8-figure businesses they love.

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